43 All Inclusive Sun Resorts
Indian Ocean, Caribbean, USA, Mexico, Mediterranean, Far East

23 All Inclusive Ski Resorts
France, Italy, Switzerland, China, Japan

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Luxury accommodation, exclusive services, premium resorts

More exclusive, more inclusive
Refined comfort, high quality dining, sports & recreation

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Supervision & activities designed for all ages

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Group & team lessons with experienced trainers

CLUB MED at a glance

Club Méditerranée, most commonly known as CLUB MED, are since 1949 the enterpreneurs in the all-inclusive" holiday concept, as they were the first resorts that offered the combination of accommodation, dining, entertainment, sports and recreation facilities for all the family, in one package rate. 
Since then and through a 60-year period, Club Med have had a successful course and have earned the total trust of their esteemed clients, offering services of the highest standards, in more than 40 selected locations in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Pacific.
Today, there are 75 all-inclusive resort villages including a deluxe cruiser, offering a varied selection, orientated to their clients' interests: sports, culture, family vacations and spa holidays.
In total, more than 1,2 million people worldwide have been welcomed in the deluxe properties of Club Med, which have till today retained their principles of high quality and high level of services and have become synonymus to the concept of all- inclusive resorts, settled in some of the most idyllic places of the world.

CLUB MED at a glance

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